How Can I Pay My Insurance?

We have several premium payment plans available to our policyholders.  

Account Bill Option

This option is available if the policyholder has more than one policy with us.  The policies are combined under one billing account.  The policyholder receives a single bill for all policies on account and can select one of the payment options below to pay the bill.

If a policy on the account is cancelled or there is a refund on any policy on the account, any unused premium or refund is applied to any unpaid balance of all the remaining policies.  If the total minimum premium is not paid, all the policies on the account are cancelled.

Payment Options

The policyholder has the option to pay the premium:

  • In full, at the time a new policy is written and at renewal upon the policyholder’s receipt of a renewal billing notice.
  • Through one of the Company’s installment payment plans (monthly, semi-annually, quarterly, annual, or in some amount between the minimum due and the full unpaid balance).

Service Charge

A service charge of $5.00 will be assessed for each installment payment paid by methods other than by electronic fund transfer (EFT).  This service charge is waived for Annual pay plans.

Payment Methods



Posted on July 4, 2015 .