Who Are Your Top Five Competitors?

We will on occasion be asked: Who are your top five competitors?

As you are well aware we are not the only insurance agents in the Mississippi Delta. I would like for our clients to have a clear understanding of our agencies competitive landscape.  There are several agencies in the Mississippi Delta that have been providing insurance policies in the region for decades.  Naturally, you might ask yourself, “Why would they be showing me their competition?”  Different insurance companies price their products uniquely for different types of customers.  While rates are regulated at the state level, insurance companies have some leeway in how they set their rates based on internal historical data showing how risky various customer segments might be.  They typically charge higher prices for customers they feel are likely to cost them more in the long run to insure. For example, depending on the policy, some insurance companies will offer lower rates to customers with more driving experience – some give discounts to homeowners, others certain professions. Rather than pigeonhole yourself into a single rate with a single company, comparison shopping can offer you a variety of options. 

Historically, the insurance industry has assessed its competition by looking at those companies within the industry that directly compete and sell in the same market segments, offer similar products, use the same distribution channels or have similar market size.  At Delta Risk Solutions we specialize in Agriculture and compete directly by offering and underwriting insurance products to protect your farm in the event of a loss.  Choosing the right insurance Agent is one of the most important decisions any agri-business owner makes.  We become your partner and share your dedication to the success of your business.  Let us be your guide through the many choices you have by finding the insurance products and services that are right for you. We are dedicated to making sure our clients have the coverage that is custom-designed to meet their unique insurance needs.  Our carriers have a minimum A Excellent Rating rating from A.M. Best rating Bureau.

Please find a list of our competitors below:

Farm Bureau

Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company was licensed September 1, 1986. Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company specializes in writing automobile, homeowners, farm liability, farm property, standard fire and inland marine policies. Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty is rated A- (Excellent) by the A. M. Best rating agency. Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company is currently the second largest automobile and homeowner writer in Mississippi. 


Travelers Agribusiness Division provides specialized coverages and programs for farms, ranches, wineries, packers, equine and commercial growers of agricultural products. Our success is built upon the ability to provide innovative agricultural coverages, risk control services and claim support tailored to meet customers' unique needs. Travelers Agribusiness writes more farm and ranch insurance, exclusively through independent agents, than any other insurance carrier.  Travelers Casualty Insurance Company’s A.M. Best Company rating is A++ Superior.


From family-owned to complex corporate operations, FCCI’s Farm owners and Ranch owners insurance covers dwelling and household property, family personal property, equipment breakdown, barns, buildings and other farm structures. Additional coverages include: automobile, personal liability, umbrella and workers’ compensation. Our agents and underwriters will work with you to make sure your assets are protected.  FCCI’s A.M. Best Company rating is A (Excellent).

Fireman’s Fund

Working alongside you and your agent, Fireman's Fund can design a unique insurance solution for your agribusiness. With a Farm & Ranch policy, you’ll be able to protect specific assets, as well as add extra protection to cover liabilities. Our Multiguard® Farm & Ranch policy is one of the most over-arching agribusiness insurance solutions. Fireman’s Fund has an A (Excellent) rating through the A.M. Best rating bureau.

State Auto

Their farm owners program is designed to help protect your buildings and machinery from unexpected losses or damages. With our extra-expense and loss-of-income coverage, they can customize a program that will help limit the impact a loss would have on your cash flow. Here are the various types of coverage that we offer:

Posted on July 4, 2015 .